Areas of Concentration

Criminal (Adult and Juvenile) - Competency to Stand Trial; Competency to Waive Miranda; Confessional Voluntariness; Criminal Responsibility (Insanity); Diminished Capacity; Aid in Sentencing

Civil - Psychological Injury; Sexual Harassment; Sexual Abuse; Clergy or Other Professional Abuse; Psychologist or Agency Misconduct; Mental Health Commitability; Sexual Dangerousness Commitability; Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB)

Probate and Family Court and Juvenile Court - Custody; Visitation; Parental Capacity; Removal; Sexual Abuse; Competency; Substituted Judgment; Guardianship; Testamentary Capacity; Termination of Parental Rights; Adoption; Attachment

Other Forensic Assessments or Consultations - Workplace Violence; Fitness for Duty; Workers’ Psychological Disability; School Violence; Special Education (Autistic Spectrum Disorders; Asperger’s Disorder); Residential Treatment; Mental Health; Mental Retardation; Substance Abuse