Judges, plaintiffs’ counsel, prosecutors, defense attorneys, probation officers, and agency heads refer cases to Dr. Daignault for evaluation and consultation in a wide range of forensic situations.

Dr. Daignault has vast experience with such forensic psychological issues as competency, criminal responsibility, dangerousness, sexual dangerousness, fitness for duty, diminished capacity, aid in sentencing, psychological injury, clergy or professional abuse, sex offender registry board, and commitability.

Family Courts appoint Dr. Daignault as a Guardian ad Litem or independent examiner in matters of child custody, visitation, removal, adoption, termination of parental rights, attachment and bonding, competency, treatment plans, sexual abuse, and sexual dangerousness. Dr. Daignault has been appointed as a Guardian ad Litem or independent examiner in approximately 500 cases to date.

Dr. Daignault accepts appointments as a Parent Coordinator or Mediator in complicated cases before the Family Court.

Special Education Attorneys and Advocates retain Dr. Daignault to conduct independent psychological evaluations and program reviews for special needs students.

Business entities ask Dr. Daignault to consult and evaluate regarding issues of fitness for duty, employee dangerousness, and sexual harassment.

Mental health professionals seek Dr. Daignault’s evaluative and consultative skills in challenging cases involving dangerousness and sexual dangerousness.

Dr. Daignault has testified as an expert witness in psychology in approximately 1750 cases in District Courts, Superior Courts, Family Courts, Federal Court, as well as courts in other jurisdictions throughout the country.